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    Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
    was $39.99 Special Price $29.50
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    Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit
    was $59.99 Special Price $45.59
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    Platinum 12 Month Food Supply
    was $4,748.00 Special Price $3,521.25

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Welcome To Nitro-Pak

Nitro-Pak is the best source of high-quality, long-term emergency preparedness kits, disaster supplies, 72 hour kits, 1 year emergency survival food supply, dehydrated food, emergency supply containers, and more! Our goal is to arm Americans with the best emergency food supply for long term storage. Our large variety of emergency preparedness products are known as the best food storage and food storage products around and we have them all here at our Utah location.

Unlike many “virtual” internet companies, we have over 50,000 products actively IN-STOCK! We carry all the emergency food storage and long term food storage containers you will need. For 30 + years Nitro-Pak® has been providing one of the most complete and affordable selections of tried and proven emergency preparedness supplies and delicious tasting food storage products on the planet!

Ordering our disaster preparedness kits and food reserve units is simple & easy - with every order backed by our famous 120-Day Guarantee. Plus, if you find a lower price on an in-stock emergency food product we'll happily match it. See why 1,000's of people each year choose Nitro-Pak for all their emergency kit supplies, disaster preparedness supplies and other food storage needs.

Note for Businesses: your order may be tax deductible!

Why Nitro-Pak

We take emergency food supplies seriously. You never know when a disaster will hit and your disaster preparedness kits will come in handy for your survival. Or what if you lose your job and need to rely on your food reserve units. If you have never considered building your emergency food storage in Utah or around the country we want you know know the reasons why it is so important.

• Disaster preparedness food: for times when a natural or other disaster hits without warning – a 72 hour emergency food supply kit with emergency supplies are a must for survival.

• Loss of job or restricted finances: for whatever the reason, if you find yourself short of funds and not able to provide meals for your family a 1 year supply of food is vital to have stored for all those reasons. We make food storage easy and our food storage products taste great!

• Our dehydrated emergency food supply tastes good and are easy to make, which is a great thing when you are short on resources. They are proven great for long term food storage.